Three Things I've Been Liking

This product definitely falls into the 'useful' category, rather than the 'I'm going to display this on my counter top  because it's beautiful' category. But, having a flaky and itchy scalp is annoying. And it is embarrassing when you have dark hair. Living in a place with long cold winters just makes my scalp dry and itchy, and even though it's not to the point where I need a dandruff shampoo- I would say that this product has really helped calm my scalp. It has a distinct tea tree and peppermint scent (it doesn't linger), and leaves a cooling and slight tingling sensation. It also doesn't leave any weird residue on your hair. Overall, this product does exactly what it says it does- which is nice. Very nice.

I love that these rain boots don't necessarily scream RAIN BOOTS. They're made of rubber, but have a classic and sleek Chelsea boot shape. I also love that Sam Edelman makes size 5 shoes, and the price tag isn't outrageous. At some point I just had to realize that my suede black booties were not holding up to years of messy MN winters, despite my best efforts to keep them in good condition. 

3. The North Face International hoodie 
I grew up watching the winter Olympics, I was born when Korea hosted it's first Olympics, and Korea is hosting the winter Olympics for the first time this year- so this hoodie represents all of that. I like the nod to the Korean 'taeguk', and the little Korean flag on the arm. The hoodie is also very soft and comfortable- I even received compliments the first time I wore it. 
PS. The color looks white online, but it's actually 'glacier grey'- kind of like the color of a Macbook Pro.