Lipstick Purge

Why do I have so many lipsticks? They're fun to try. The colors are pretty. Are those good reasons? I think better reasons would be: they are practical for my makeup routine, they are easy to reapply throughout the day/ they don't need touching up throughout the day, and the colors are flattering on my lips and not just in the bullet. 

Truth be told, I don't wear lipstick on a daily basis- I'll often find myself reaching for a stain/tint or a pigmented balm instead. I especially don't find myself grabbing bright colors. 

I'll often look at a lipstick and think, "I haven't worn that color for over a year (or more)". 

Here I've picked out 4 lipsticks that I just don't wear enough:
1. Rimmel  Pink A Punch
2. Etude House (Don't have the number- but it's a bright orange-red) *
3. Urban Decay 714 Mega matte *
4. MAC Korean candy

My original plan was to get rid of all four, but I ended up holding onto the MAC. The MAC one has a great texture and even though it's bright, the color can be toned up or down.

We'll see if this will encourage me to wear it more often.

*The Etude House lipstick color brought out too much red in my skin tone. The Urban Decay would wear very strangely throughout the day- it would become patchy.