Details Have a Place

If you read a previous post about 10 things I learned about wedding planning, number six said: At the end of the day, (those) little details don't make or break the big day. 

This is still true. I don't think people gave much attention to my name cards, if I had a custom made ribbon tied around my bouquet, or whether or not the votive candles were silver or clear glass... They'll remember the view from the venue overlooking the ocean, the heartfelt speeches, the rain clearing in time for the ceremony, and the after party by the pool. The details aren't the big picture.

However, from the bride's perspective, I do think details have a place. They can make your wedding feel personal, cohesive, and give you something small to smile about.

I was very specific and deliberate about the colors I wanted represented at my wedding. After looking at pictures of the Bahamas, I knew I wanted something to reflect the color of the water without being beachy, tropical, or nautical. I wanted something classic, soft, and dreamy.

It just so happened that a design by Angela Marzuki from perfectly captured that. From there I was able to pick dresses and colors that complimented that aesthetic from Jenny Yoo, and it was by luck that my friend picked out a dress that I fell in love with- it was even slightly blush colored like part of the invitation design.

The rest was easy. White flowers, white table linens, light grey suits, and ties that had a subtle floral design that was similar to the overlay on my dress- that was a great find from The Tie Bar.

Now that the wedding is done, I still feel so giddy about how the day was more than my expectations- even with the things that didn't go as expected. It really was the best day. I think it's something my family and friends will remember for a long time, and I couldn't think of a better way to start off my marriage.

*This post isn't sponsored. It's what I chose for my own wedding by doing a lot of initial Google searching and Internet browsing :)