If I were to rate these products out of 5 stars, these products would be in the 2-3 range. They weren't terrible, but they aren't all time favorites... Here's why.
Glossier milk jelly cleanser: This gets 3 stars. I recommend it has a morning cleanser, but I have issues with it at night. Yes, it's super gentle and can get rid of makeup...BUT sometimes even after I wash my face twice with this, I'll still get leftover makeup traces when I go over my face again with a cleansing water or a cotton round with toner. I always have to triple cleanse my face when I use this- which isn't something I was expecting. Formula wise, though, I really like this- as with most things Glossier. 
Etude House Moistfull collagen water jelly cream: This gets 2 stars. The texture is kind of fun, but there are other 'water' creams out there that are much better- such as the Belif one, and I think Dr. Jart has one out too. I think the regular collagen cream even beats this one. I just found this to be sticky and it didn't provide long lasting moisture. Maybe it's better for people with oily skin?
Kiehl's ultra facial overnight hydrating masque: This gets 2 stars, but maybe I'll reconsider when it gets colder. This feels like putting gloop over your face. You definitely feel it as a layer. Over this one, I'd recommend the  Kiehl's calendula mask because it soothes and hydrates, whereas is this one is  heavy and feels tacky on the skin- even though it does lock in moisture.