Stressed Skin Savers

Wedding season is here! I personally have 3 weddings going on within the span of four weeks, so that means some partying and going out has been in order. That also means the I have had to be proactive and reactive, since the late nights and drinking (and that time of the month rolling around) can do some damage.

Mediheal's tea tree mask is soothing and is drenched in stress fighting serum. The tea tree helps control sebum, but doesn't leave your face feeling irritated or dry. The mask itself is very soft and the serum is very cooling to calm the skin.

Glossier's super pure serum contains niacinamide and zinc. These two ingredients calm redness and clean out impurities.

Care Zone's spot patches are these little stickers to use overnight on blemishes. They make the healing process quicker and reduce the size of spots. For blemishes that have already 'erupted', the patches don't make them go away completely. However, for smaller ones under the skin that have yet to emerge, I have found that these patches make them disappear after 1-2 nights.