Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

In this post I'm sharing about gifts for bridesmaids!

I am pretty sure the bridesmaids in my wedding know that I have this blog. But who knows if they read it... Anyway! If you happen to be one of the bridesmaids in my wedding please don't look any further! 


I knew that I wanted the gifts for my bridesmaids to be a little extra special. Not only are my bridesmaids buying their dress and traveling for my bridal shower and bachelorette party, but they are traveling and taking time off of work to come to the wedding. No gift could really show how thankful I am to them, but I did put thought behind what gifts I chose. I wanted a mix between fun, pretty, and practical. As a nice gesture, I also am covering the cost of manicures at the spa. 

As a side note, originally I was thinking about including earrings, but then I remembered that one of the bridesmaids doesn't have her ears pierced. Besides, I think it will be nice if each bridesmaid gets to accessorizes to her own taste since their dresses are different colors too. 

Even though jewelry is a very common and beautiful gift, I don't think you need to feel it has to be a part of yours. In lieu of jewelry, you could do a pretty headband or a sparkly belt/sash for them to wear. 

Just remember that it's more personal when you think of the women in your bridal party and pick gifts based on what you think they would like.