Detail Decisions

Top L to R: Chic Monogram and Mist
Bottom L to R: Hepburn and Formal Ink

The clock is ticking. My wedding is 6 months away, and with most of the big decisions taken care of, I can focus in on the details. Some people would not care to mull over the font and color of their place cards, but that's where I'm at. Daresay I actually enjoy it. 

I realize that the venue I'm getting married at could provide me plain  white place cards, but I'm all about personalizing. Here I have my four favorite picks. They all are in the spirit of my invitation suite and color theme... So ultimately I'm deciding on the color and whether I want extra flourishes.

I also realize that people do not go to weddings to admire the place cards, and this is so minor to what a wedding is all about. But making decisions, big or small, to reflect my taste (I'd say my fiancĂ©'s taste too, but let's be real. He doesn't care about place cards.) is important to me.

Sure, I'm not doing an elaborate display where guests choose their card off of the ankles of  perched doves, but that isn't something I would do no matter how cool or Instagram worthy.
And as the bride, the best advice is to do what is important to you and your future husband- and don't worry about the things that are way out of your budget and may look great on Pinterest, but aren't meaningful to you.

Do you have a favorite? What did you do for place cards at your wedding?

I used* for my save the dates and invitations, so it makes sense to get place cards from them too.
*I'm not being asked or sponsored to promote's products. I genuinely like their products and customer service, and am just giving my own thoughts.