The Makeup Drop

How do you like to apply your foundation? Fingers? Brush? Cushion? Sponge? Personally, I prefer brushes and sponges. They keep your hands mostly clean and you can achieve a non-streaky and well blended look. The downside of both methods- the maintenance and wasted product. 
Dirty brushes and sponges should be cleaned regularly to get rid of bacteria, but I definitely don't know anyone who cleans them as often as they should. 

That is why I was intrigued by the Makeup Drop. It's a silicone applicator in a tear drop shape that doesn't absorb any excess product like a brush or sponge. Therefore, it sounded like a breeze to clean because all you have to do was wipe it off and rinse with soap and water.  

However, I was also skeptical. How could this ensure no streaks and proper blending? 
I think the key is that you have to use less product- which is a good thing- and then you use the applicator like you would the sponge that comes in a cushion compact, with soft dabbing and patting motions to blend the product in. You're basically pressing the product into the skin in thin layers. It takes some getting used to, but I really appreciated how little product I needed to cover my whole face. 

I've been using the Makeup Drop in combination with the NARS sheer glow foundation in Mont Blanc. I've been really pleased with the result, because my skin still looks like skin and it's not heavy at all. Lots of glow- even in terrible florescent lighting. 

*The Makeup Drop and NARS are not sponsoring this post. 
I purchased all products on my own and the review is just my opinion.