DIY Skin Detox

Pinterest and Internet search results can sometimes seem like a rabbit hole- There's just a lot of information and who knows what will really work for you. Too many face masks, too many beauty hacks- too little time.

I remember my eyes skimming over the words 'Aztec clay' on several Into the Gloss Top Shelf interviews and not paying super close attention. But when your favorite Youtube influencer, Claire Marshall of heyclaire, says to try out a bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar face mask you start to pay attention. She said it's like her new thing and made her skin feel nice- as in got rid of acne bumps. With subsequent Internet searches, it was confirmed that bloggers agree with Claire.

Who knows if ALL the claims about bentonite clay are true, but I took Claire's advice when I went to my local Fresh Thyme (it's like slightly cheaper Whole Foods) to try it out as a skin mask. I don't know if I would ever ingest it like some people do.
(They were out of the Aztec brand so I picked up a brand called Redmond Clay.)

The rest of the story is pretty straight forward. You mix one part clay with one part apple cider vinegar/ water, and try to ignore the pungent vinegar odor. Then you apply it to your face or body, let it dry, and rinse off.

Needless to say, I was impressed by this DIY. I've had three really stubborn breakouts, and the mask definitely calmed them down in terms of size and 'bump factor'.
Thanks Claire. Thanks Internet.