Out With the Old

This elta md sunscreen (SPF 30) was really nice. It didn't smell like sunscreen at all and it just felt like a regular moisturizer- similar to Cerave. I had read really great things about this sunscreen and people with sensitive skin in particular enjoy it. I would repurchase it again, but I have to use up some sunscreens I have stocked up from Korea. I debated about getting the pump version since that's more convenient and less messy - but then again I got a lot more product by purchasing the jar, so it was a trade off. 

Clearly these two products from Memebox are not empty, but I did end up tossing them (sad face). They are the Memebox cream blush in Kristen and the Pony effect contour palette (which I don't think they're making anymore). The reasons why I said goodbye to these are because 1. I wasn't using them enough and they were just taking up space and 2. I did not like how they would wear throughout the day.
The blush especially would look awesome when I would first apply it, but by the end of the day it would look as if my skin was irritated and ruddy instead of healthily flushed.
The contour and highlight would also look pretty good when first applied, very natural, but then it would fade and do nothing to enhance what it was supposed to.
It's never a good feeling to throw out products that aren't past their prime, but everyone needs to edit and declutter their stash to make sure they have a collection that works for them.