Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Part Two

Raise your hand if you have some last minute shopping to do.  Raise your hand if you've picked up some things for the women in your life (and maybe even yourself), but you have been putting off shopping for your husband, fiance, or boyfriend, or brother...
Quite frankly, I find it so much harder to find gifts for my fiance and guys in general- BUT I accept it as a challenge every year and here are some suggestions.

1. Wool runners from All birds-  the wool comes from sustainable farms and happy sheep
2. Boxers from J. Crew- they have fun prints
3. YSL la nuit de l'homme cologne- this scent has his and my stamp of approval
4. Cashmere lined gloves from J. Crew- add a touch a luxe to winter while using your smart phone
5. A new router- Internet kind of slow? Buy a new router. Other than that I can't really tell you much about this... But my fiance is very happy with it (I don't even know if the one he got is the one pictured, but it looks very similar)
6. Kiehl's ultimate strength hand salve- A great stocking stuffer