Nearly Effortless Messy Hair

Not that long ago my hair stylist chopped off at least 6 inches of my hair. It's been a nice change and it will grow back out in time for next year's wedding. 

My natural hair texture is mostly straight and doesn't have much life to it, so I've been opting for messy, textured, waves as my go to hair style. I don't like spending a lot of time trying to make my hair look good, and I'm lucky that I've found a style that I can do quickly with minimal effort. 

1. Take a shower
2. Comb through hair and use 1-2 pumps of Living proof perfect hair day
3. "Scrunch" your hair as you work in the product
4. Go to sleep

-In the morning-

5. Spray Dove volume & fullness dry shampoo into upper sections of hair
6. Curl around 1 inch sections of hair with Dry bar's 3 day bender curling iron
7. Let curls naturally loosen or comb though with fingers to make it appear 'undone' 
8. Spray more dry shampoo if necessary for more texture