Engagement Photos + Tips

Tip #1 Wear something classic that won't look dated in years to come.

Tip #2: Solid colors tend photograph better than patterns. 
Also, this isn't fashion photography- you and your partner should be the main focus, not your clothes.

Tip #3 Wear shoes that are easy to walk in. 
Your photographer might have you walking to different locations like into a field, over rocks... you never know.

Tip #4 Don't wear makeup you wouldn't normally wear. You want to look like yourself.

Tip #5 Except for false lashes. They really help emphasize your eyes.

Tip #6 Opt for blotting sheets instead of over powdering if you're looking shiny.

Tip #7 Don't stress. If you've done your homework, your photographer will capture the right moments and you'll look great. 
Besides, you don't have to be in love with the 100 proofs he or she will send you. 
You'll probably only choose a handful to be printed, framed, and sent out to friends and family.

We even got some mosquito bites during our session, and you can't even tell because our photographer photoshopped them out. No problem. 


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