After a long hiatus I'm back! It's hard to believe that it's already August. I spent June and July working away from home in the the North Woods of Minnesota, and then I just returned from a two week trip to Korea.

In the beauty world Korea is the wonderland of makeup and skincare. It's the launch point of many of today's innovations and trends- cushion compacts, straight brows, gradated lips, face masks, sleeping masks...  All of the brands and products can be dizzying but I'm pretty happy with what I decided to purchase. I can't wait to start making detailed posts about them all.

To start off, here's a short preview.

1. Innisfree water fit cushion (C13 and C21)
Innisfree is my favorite Korean road shop brand. I feel that they have the the best quality products for the price. The fun part was choosing which case to have since they had tons of patterns and colors. 

A friend of mine gave this to me as a gift. It came with not one but two refill packs! That's a really good deal. My friend said that she uses this product and thought it would suit me well.

Laneige recently updated their two cushion lines- whitening and pore control. I hope they'll make it to the US soon.
I actually didn't buy this in Korea because I already had it. However, on days when I wasn't wearing the Bare Minerals complexion rescue I wore this. It offered added sun protection and withstood Korea's crazy heat and humidity. 

This product came highly recommended from a friend. She said that it has a matte finish, good coverage, and oil control. If you're in Korea the best place to find it is at a big Olive Young store.

6. Hera UV mist cushion nude (No.21) -not pictured
I feel like that the Hera UV mist cushion is one of the most hyped out there. I just had to see it for myself. I opted for the 'nude' because it was hydrating, light, and the most natural looking. 

These three products came recommended by the vlogger Meejmuse.
The A'Pieu concealer was a great deal at 6,000 won.
A great tip to make clearing pads last longer is to cut them in half.