Peel Off Lip Tint

Let's be real. Gimmicky beauty products do exist, and gimmicky products can be bad. Peel off make up does seem pretty gimmicky.
I cannot speak for other brands that have peel off lip tints, and I've even seen peel off eye brow tint...but I was surprisingly pleased with Berrisom's oops my lip tint pack. I bought a set of 6 colors and have used 5. (I gave one away to my sister).
The application takes some patience because the product comes out as a sticky gel, but it's not impossible. Just take your time and don't move your mouth around. I've never gotten it stuck on my face or teeth. The two key points are that you have pre-moisturized lips and you just hold your mouth still for at least 5 minutes. An even application and proper wait time will allow the product to be easily peeled off, top and bottom. 
Peeling the layer off once it's "dried" is oddly satisfying, and you're left with a long lasting stain.
It doesn't bleed or leave marks.

I found that the colors were pretty true to what you see above, maybe a little less vivid since I only leave them on for 5 minutes instead of 10. I gave the sexy red one to my sister and when she tried it it left a darker red like shown. The only one that was different for me was lovely peach. It's a much lighter orange and I've found that it doesn't turn out as pigmented on my lips.