I'm not a huge believer of horoscopes, but I do think it's fun to see when predictions or traits line up. Well, I got a surprise this evening when I read this April horoscope from MyDomaine.com. I'm a taurus and here is what it read:

It's almost Taurus season, and you'll need to do some soul-searching before your birthday rolls around. You are genius when it comes to decorating and creating a healing atmosphere, so why wait? Relationships have taken their toll, and you're in need of a recalibration—focus on yourself this month.
Your April Power Product: A candle. More than anyone else, you are affected by the smells around you. You are a true hedonist, and this month, you need to nurture that side of yourself with some luxurious aromatherapy.

While I'm not sure if the "relationships have taken their toll" is on point, but I can not believe how accurate the April power product is.

I was at Nordstrom the other day to make a return and I decided to treat myself to an early birthday gift. No joke, it was a Diptyque candle in mimosa- an impulse buy if ever there was one.
These candles are kind of ridiculous. Ridiculous is price and ridiculous in how good they look and smell. I guess I can just blame it on astrology for when I'm too indulgent.