SOS Skin

About once a month or once every two months, I use a tool called the PMD (personal microderm abrasion). The PMD is probably the most 'hard core' skincare thing that I have. I definitely have seen positive and long term results from using it, but I will say that for me it's not the easiest tool to use. I am still not a pro at it. 
Seeing that it literally scrapes and suctions a layer of your skin away, it can feel uncomfortable and if you aren't on point with how you're using it, it can make your skin look worse. 

With that said, last Sunday I had a bit of a skin emergency. 
While using my PMD, I didn't hold my skin taut enough, so the device couldn't move upwards in a smooth motion. This left my skin red, and with scrape marks on the lower left of my face. It looked pretty awful- like I had rug burn on my face.
However, I was surprisingly calm, and was assured by the PMD website that the marks start to fade in 7-10 days. To help that process along, here are the four products I used everyday since Sunday:

1. CosRx advanced snail 96 mucin power essence $18
2. Lucas' papaw ointment $9.99
3. Avene skin recovery cream $34
4. Avene cicalfate restorative skin cream $28

The four products here really protected my skin, soothed the irritation, and kept it from drying out and becoming even more inflamed. 

I wish I would've taken a before picture in order to see the difference 6 days makes, but you'll just have to trust me and use your imagination. Any slightly red vertical marks that you see and the two spots closer to my ear, are the places that looked like rug burn. Hopefully this after picture gives you an idea of how well my skin is healing. Thank goodness for having skin saving products on hand!

Taken in natural daylight, no filter
Pay no attention to the hormonal break outs!