All About that Base

I know what I want out of a foundation, and I have a solid collection of ones that I like. But I have a problem when it comes to foundations and base products in general. The problem is that I'm forever plagued by the nagging feeling that the perfect product is still yet to be discovered. 

Luckily for you, this post is not about which products I like and how I can't put one over another... This post is about two foundations that I sadly did not like very much. They are the Tarte amazonian clay full coverage foundation (in ivory) and the Dior star foundation (in 020). 

The reasons why I did not like the Tarte foundation:

1. The wear was not as promised. I don't know if any foundation can really stay flawless for 12 hours, but this did not even last me from the time I'd getting ready in the morning to when I would come home in the evening. It would look pretty great in the morning but by late afternoon my skin would look dull and tired.

2. The mousse formula was ultimately too drying and if you put on too much it ends up looking caked on. 

3. I could cover spots with this pretty well, but even with powder on top, it wouldn't stay throughout the day. 

The reasons why I did not like the Dior star foundation: 

1. I had the wrong color. I really should have gone for the lightest shade in the range (010), but by the time I used the product for the first time I could no longer return it. Even though 020 was the second lightest in the range, it was surprisingly dark for my skin tone. 

2. Despite having the wrong color, the foundation didn't show any of the light diffusing properties it claimed to have. I could not see any illumination added to my skin. I might have had too high of expectations with it, but it just didn't have enough of a glow. 

3. For me, it was a bit pricey for the payoff. If a had the correct color, I probably wouldn't feel that much differently. There are less expensive foundations that blend and and cover just as well as this one. 
(For example: Nars sheer glow and Bourjois healthy mix)

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Tarte or Dior, because both brands have products that I have tried and like very much. Every single thing from a brand won't work for everyone, because everyone has different tastes and skin types. The best thing you can do is to do your research, try products for yourself, and then be the judge.  

Top: Dior swatch, Dior swatch blended
Bottom: Tarte swatch, Tarte swatch blended