Something New

In November 2014 I Christmas gifted myself a blush palette from Benefit, which included dandelion. I ended up depotting the palette and to my dismay the blush that broke was dandelion. That's why I ended up purchasing the single full sized version a couple of days ago. The color is a soft pink that is a gentle reminder that spring is on it's way. Even though the boxed blush is bulky, it's still very darling.

Pretty things can come in small packages. I heard about this Burberry eye shadow (Shell 003) in Claire Marshall's October 2015 monthly review. She said that this eye shadow is a unique highlight alternative and offers a rosy-golden sheen. It's one of those products that I too pretty to use, but at the same time to pretty not to. 

Here are some deluxe samples that I've been using in the morning. The belif essence and the Shiseido concentrate help wake up and nourish tired skin. The two cream moisturizers are both very hydrating and soothing.