Cushion Compacts

My cushion compact collection is growing! Inside of each compact you'll find two compartments-one with an applicator puff and another with a sponge (cushion) that is soaked with either a BB cream, foundation, or base product. 

Pictured above are the M magic cushion by Missha in #21, the new L'Oreal lumi cushion in W2*, and the Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion in #21. 
*Not the greatest color match for me. I should have gone with C2 which is for cool skin tones.

I'm still using my Laneige cushion in which I can use the shades light #21 and #13 (not pictured).
Keep reading below for the top reasons why I love using cushion compacts!

1. They're pretty much fool proof. Sometimes base makeup applications gets a little streaky when you're using fingers, brushes, or traditional makeup sponges. With the special applicator puffs found in a cushion compact, all you need to do is press the applicator into the cushion and then tap the product onto your skin. The tapping motion blends the product into your skin. The puffs are designed to not absorb as much product, which helps ensure a more even application. 

2. They're portable. Carrying your bottle of foundation or tube of BB cream with you isn't the most convenient, nor is carrying around brushes or sponges. With a cushion you won't have to worry about anything spilling in your bag and touch ups throughout the day are no problem.

3. The puff allows for thin layers to build up coverage without the product becoming too cakey. 

4. Many cushion compact foundations or BB creams have SPF. 

5. They're becoming easier to find in the States at more price points and with wider shade ranges.