Step Five: Moisturize

Maybe I'm over zealous about my skincare routine, because we're at step five and already that is two or three steps too many for some people. I, on the other hand, cannot go back to cut any of the steps out. Cleansing is so important! Toning gives you added benefits! Essences are the stuff you didn't know you needed! Serum will change your skin for the better! 

With that said... if you're into 'lazy girl skincare' or 'busy girl skincare' or 'I'm on a serious budget skincare'...  you at least should do two things for your skin:

1. Cleanse (well) and 2. Moisturize (well) and use SPF

Got it?

Our skin needs moisture to not only look its best, but to feel good too. Moisturizers have ingredients that fall under names like occlusives, humectants, and emollients. Basically, those things help make sure you're face doesn't dry out. No one wants flaky, parched, papery, pirate looking, skin.
Make those skin cells feel happy and hydrated! Healthy skin cells that aren't dehydrated can repair themselves more easily, which means anti-aging benefits for you.

Here are some of the moisturizers I'm currently using:

1. Weleda cold cream $16.50
This cream is very rich and it is formulated to protect your skin from harsh elements. Despite being so heavy, it's made for sensitive skin and doesn't make your skin feel like it can't breathe. As a Minnesota girl I use this on chilly days, but I don't think anyone is Florida would need this. 

2. Glossier priming moisturizer $25
I love this. Just try it. You'll love it too. I don't like face primers, so I enjoy that this creates a nice base layer for whatever makeup I happen to be using. 

3. Plant stem cell moisturizer cream $26
I feel like this may be better suited for summer because it has sebum control, but I still get broken out in winter. This cream has helped calm my skin down, and I would encourage those with problem skin to try this out. You also get 90 ml of product, so it will last you quite a while. 

4. belif the true cream aqua bomb $22-38
This is a gel-like cream, and it feels like you're giving your skin a cold drink. So refreshing.

Bonus: Kiehl's daily reviving concentrate $46
Lately, I've been mixing two or three drops of this with my moisturizer in the morning. Good bye winter face.