Step Two: Tone

My last post was all about my current cleansing routine. Now we're moving on to the next step which is using toner. I think that toner is often a step in skincare that many think they can skip, and it's just overlooked. However, in terms of prepping the skin and refreshing the skin, it's something that I try to do at least once a day.
The main reason behind why toner is important, is because it will remove any leftover residue or pollutants from the skin surface. Many toners will also soothe, restore pH balance, and even exfoliate. Nowadays there are many toners out there that aren't going to strip your skin and leave it feeling tight, dry, or irritated. To apply toner you load up a cotton round, and gently swipe it outward over your face.
Here are two toners that I currently switch between:
1. Kiehl's ultra facial toner $16
I really enjoy Kiehl's products, and they have a toner for pretty much every skin type. If you're unsure of what your toner needs are, I would really encourage you to go into a Kiehl's store if one is in your area. I go to the Kiehl's at the Mall of America, and the staff are very friendly and know their products very well. They really try to match you with what your skin needs, without making you feel pressured to spend a lot of money. I've tried three other Kiehl's toners, and this one is my favorite so far. It's incredibly gentle and hydrating because of its emollient ingredients. One bottle lasts a good amount of time, and I just highly recommend it. 
2. Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner $18
This toner is an exfoliating toner that has the AHAs glycolic acid and grapefruit extract. Not all AHA products are created equal when it comes to how gentle they are, but this toner is still pretty mild. You may feel a slight tingle, but that's how you know it's working. I like using this toner if my skin is feeling dull or if I'm trying to combat breakouts. After using this consistently (I've repurchased this three times), my skin is kept smooth and it just gives your skin a boost when it comes to minimizing discoloration. The bf also likes using this. 
(Some bottles are  have clear product like the one I currently have, while others are a blue/turquoise... I don't know why, but they work the same.)