Step Four: Serum

We're back! If you're reading this State side, I hope the Thanksgiving holiday was enjoyable. I still feel like I need a nap from all the food. I'm not feeling 100% ready to face the work week ahead...but the show must go on as they say.

This post is all about serum- the fourth step in my nightly skincare routine.
If you're looking to amp up your skincare game to a new level, a serum will help you do that. If serums had a slogan it may be something like: 'powerful things come in small packages'. Serums may not seem like much, but they pack a punch of concentrated active ingredients that target anti-aging, brightening, and hydration to name a few. Serums have less fluid in them than lotions and creams, so you apply them before moisturizer. I like to gently pat (never rub!) a pump or two of serum all over my face until it's fully absorbed.
There are a lot of great serums out there, but here are the ones that I'm using at the moment.

1. Somme Institute serum $82
Just so you know: I never have bought this at full price. I've always had some type of coupon code, or Somme Institute is pretty good about having special deal bundles. Their line of products is wonderful, but I don't think you need to shell out big bucks to find a skincare routine that works for you. This serum is packed with special Somme Institute vitamins and vitamin C to nourish your skin and work its magic. It feels a bit sticky at first but it absorbs very nicely without leaving any kind of residue. In combination with the line's A-Bomb moisturizer you'll notice your skin feeling smoother, more even toned, and all around healthier. 

2. Origins original skin renewal serum $39
I really love this, and I'm regretting that I lent it to the bf to use. I find myself reaching over to his side of the bathroom counter to use it. I like the herbal smell, and it just adds life back into your skin.

3. CosRx BHA summer pore minish serum $15
I used this over the summer and I think it did a fine job of keeping my skin under control in the heat. It's very lightweight and it kept my skin smooth and not too oily. It didn't leave my skin feeling tight, which was nice because many mattifying products do that. It's hard to say how much it really minimized pores, but I'll say that it didn't make my pore size more noticeable than they already were.

4. CosRx advanced snail mucin 96 power essence $21
Here's another one of those products that says it's an essence but I use it as a serum. I use it as a serum because of the texture. It's very gel like and to me, essences are more liquidy. Anyway, I digress. When I lived in Korea in 2010, everywhere I turned there were products with snail mucin. Now, I think people in the States are becoming more aware of this ingredient- even though the use of the slime has been used since the days of Ancient Greece. Snail mucin helps with cell turnover, so it's especially great for acne scarring, rough patches, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. This particular product contains 96% of snail mucin secretion, so the more the better I guess. I don't think products with snail slime will give you overnight results, but over time I think you'll really see the benefits. I'll get leftover spots after breakouts, and snail mucin serum really helps diminish those marks and keeps my skin looking as youthful as possible.