Step One: Cleanse

When I started this blog, some of my first posts were on my skincare routine. I broke it down into six steps: cleanse, tone, essence, serum, and moisturizer, and eye cream. (I didn't include exfoliating or masks.) Since then, my routine steps are essentially the same, but I'm overdue to give an updated look at what products I'm using. Enjoy.

I do not use all of these cleansers in one day. Even though I love a clean face, over washing isn't the best for your skin. Using multiple cleansers at the same time isn't necessary, (I also have an almost empty Kiehl's one the shower) but I clearly have a problem. I rationalize it by saying that they address different needs, and I don't want my skin to get used to just one cleanser.

I use one cleanser in the morning, and then I'll do a double cleanse at night. The first cleanse (done with an oil cleanser, cleansing balm, or if I'm lazy cleansing water) gets rid of make up and surface impurities. The second cleanse then goes on to really clean and purify.

1. Neutorgena ultra light cleansing oil $8.99
This cleansing oil has been available in Korea (and other parts of Asia) for some time, so I was pleased to see it hit American shelves. Like the name, this oil is very light and almost watery. I think people who are nervous about using a cleansing oil would really like this. It smells like fruity, gummy candy, but the scent doesn't linger. I don't think that this is better than the beloved Shu Uemura cleansing oil, but for a cheaper drugstore option it's great. It removes waterproof mascara and all traces of eye make up, and rinses clean, but just not as easily as the Shu.

2. Neutrogena pore refining daily cleanser $7.59
Here are the claims: Pore Refining Daily Cleanser starts working on contact to shrink the look of pores and refine skin's tone and texture. Week after week, it continually reduces the appearance of pores for skin that's clear and smooth. This dermatologist-tested alpha and beta hydroxyl formula delivers visible results by sweeping away dead surface skin and smoothing over rough, uneven patches. 
I started using this over the summer, and it's amazing. It really works on your pores (bye blackheads) and leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean. Another plus is that it doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped or tight, and even with the AHA and BHA it's still gentle enough to use everyday if you choose. 

3. Cos Rx salicylic acid exfoliating cleanser $7.50
I originally bought this to fight off breakouts, but I honestly don't know how well it does that. I didn't expect it to fight off hormonal acne, because I feel like those bad boys just show up no matter what. But, I was surprised that it didn't prevent some possibly stress related spots on my forehead. Who knows though, maybe I would've gotten more spots on other places of my face for whatever reason, and this kept that in check. This isn't a bad cleanser though. It's a no nonsense, non stripping, nicely foaming, cleanser that will last you a long time.  

4. Su:m 37 miracle rose cleansing stick $28
I waited a long time to get my hands on this. For the longest time it was sold out on the sites that I trust to buy Korean products from. This is a very luxurious product that smells divine, and it's unlike any other cleanser I've ever tried in my whole life. If I were to rub fermented roses all over my face, this is how I'd want to do it. 
The packaging is so clean and convenient, and it all at once gives you a facial massage, gentle exfoliation, and clean, soft skin. As you massage the cleanser onto your face, it turns into this lovely, light, lather that gently purifies your skin. 
I wouldn't use this if you're trying to remove a full face of make up- I would remove the make up first to really get the benefits of this product. 

5. Klurskin jojoba & coconut hydrating cleanser $20
Out of all of the cleansers, I've used this one the least mainly because I forget that I have it. But I think that I'll start using it more as my morning cleanser (usually I use the Cos Rx one). I was drawn to this product because it's 75% organic, aloe based, and the oils would give nice hydration. When I have used this I feel like I'm feeding my skin, and I love how calming and simple it is. I also love this part of what is said about this line: 
"Lesley Thornton created Klurskin with the belief that makeup always looks better over good skin. With that philosophy, she creates a range of non-toxic facial treatments that clean, clear, and nourish your skin."