1. Glossier priming moisturizer $25
This product, along with the others in the Glossier line, is wonderfully simple and does exactly what it claims to do. (The stickers you can put on the packaging are also very fun.) This moisturizer checks off all the boxes for me in terms of what I want in an AM moisturizer. It blends and absorbs into the skin well, it feels light but still hydrating, it doesn't smell, it's not in a jar so you need a spatula, with out makeup it gives me a dewy and natural look, it has anti redness properties, there are antioxidants, no animal testing, makeup applies smoothly over top, and even though it looks like a small tube (yay for travel friendly) it lasts a long time. I'm sure the list could go on, but this is a solid staple product that I already have back ups of. Thank you Emily Weiss and the Glossier team... Now you should consider an SPF version, because I'm both lazy and yet avid about sun protection when it comes to morning skincare routines. 

2. Shiseido hada senka perfect whip cleanser $6.90
I didn't know what to think of this cleanser the first time I bought it when I lived in Korea. I was drawn to it because of a commercial where the cleanser foams up into this amazing, soft, cloud like pillow you can sink your face into. I could never get my cleanser to foam up in the exact same way, which was disappointing, so I moved onto other cleansers after that first purchase in Korea. Fast forward to recently when the bf's cousin went to Japan. I remembered that cleanser and thought I should give it another try. I really enjoy this cleanser now and how it makes my skin feel after using it. (Using a Clarisonic or a konjac sponge makes it foam up nicely.) Although it's a foam cleanser, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight, because the foam is  thick and somehow hydrating. My skin feels truly clean and soft after using this. The only issue I have with it is that it can sting if you get it into your eyes. 

3. REN resurfacing AHA concentrate $45
(Note: I bought this at Sephora, but they don't seem to carry it anymore. It is also not on the REN skincare website.) At the time of my purchase I was looking for a nighttime skincare addition that would even out, resurface, and help my skin's turnover. I didn't use this every single night, and I think using up the whole bottle over a period of a few months was the trick. I would say that I used to either 1-2 times a week. Overall, I feel like acids in this product helped exfoliate my skin without the manual scrubbing, and it smoothed out areas of my skin were I was seeing a couple of those under the skin bumps. I wonder why this product is harder to find now, but this product by REN can also deliver similar results in mask.