Mini Reviews

1. Simple cleansing micellar water $6.99
It's cheap, effective, gentle, and easy to use. It does everything that it claims to do. Once in a while after a long day when I'm feeling especially lazy or tired, I reach for this and don't feel too bad about doing a traditional cleanse. You might be able to see that I'm almost out of it.

2. Caudalie make up remover cleansing water $28
This product is fine as a make up remover, but it doesn't fully cleanse like the Simple cleansing water. I've used this and then used a toner, and I'll still have small traces of make up on the cotton pad. Now that I've found the Simple cleansing water I probably won't repurchase this again. It also has a unique scent from the grape water.

3. Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate $46
 I believe this is my second empty bottle. I saw the most results during my first bottle, so if you've never tried this before and are looking for a nighttime face oil I would recommend this. For me however, I'm going to wait a bit until I decide to repurchase. I liked this product because it's a luxurious step to add to your nighttime routine and the lavender scent (it's not too strong) is very calming. In the morning my skin would feel softer and overall my skin wasn't as dull. I also used this as a cuticle oil. The one thing that I didn't like was when I would apply it over or under certain moisturizers, and the combination would make the moisturizer pill on me. So, you either have to apply this and then wait until it fully absorbs before applying moisturizer or using a very emollient moisturizer.

Bonus: Urban Decay Naked smoky palette $54
I actually haven't even used this yet because I'm saving it for the right occasion. It's too pretty to use right now! :)