Tired Eyes

1. Urban Decay naked skin weightless complete coverage concealer in light warm $28
I like how creamy this concealer is, and if you apply it in thin layers you can minimize the chances of it creasing and looking to built up. For my skin tone, this light warm shade doesn't give me that super bright under eye look, but it does minimize the look of dark circles. However, I do not think that I will repurchase this again for two reasons. One: I don't think it's worth the price since there are drugstore alternatives that are just as nice. Two: It smells like white out and even though I didn't notice at first, I smell every time I use this product.

2. Rimmel wake me up concealer in 010 ivory $10
As far as I know this product isn't available in the U.S, but I ordered mine off of Asos.com and I believe it is on Amazon.com as well. I would say that this product is a solid and reliable concealer that is just as creamy and blendable as more expensive brands. The shade range is limiting and it was difficult to know which one to choose, but I believe I picked the lightest color and it works well with my skin tone. It really would be amazing if this one product could 100% wake up my entire face, but it does a fine job at minimizing my dark circles and it definitely evens out the under eye area. 

*I'm back to blogging! I spent 5 weeks away working on other things, but I'm excited to keep on sharing more beauty and skincare finds with you!