1. Neutrogena clear face liquid lotion SPF 55 $9.59
As far as drugstore skincare brands go, I think that Neutrogena is really solid. (I don't have an opinion about their makeup since I haven't tried it). I like Neutrogena cleansers, and their face wipes and really good. Anyway! Neutrogena's sun protection products have a wide range of SPF amount and you can really choose the formula/texture that you're looking for (i.e. for face, for body, spray, cream, liquid, stick, sensitive skin, baby skin...). With that said, I just finished up this SPF 55 lotion for the face. I really liked this for a number of reasons: 
1. it wasn't greasy but wasn't drying
2. didn't leave any white residue
3. didn't feel heavy or pore clogging
4. absorbed well
5. did exactly what it said...won't cause breakouts!

Whether you use Neutrogena sun protection products or not, don't forgot to wear SPF everyday! Without a doubt protecting yourself from UVA/UVB rays is the best way to have youthful and healthy skin. 

2. Hado Labo shirojyun lotion $19.99
This product is like part toner part liquid lotion. You use it right after you've washed your face and you apply it like an essence. (Put a couple of drops into your palms and then pat into your skin). They have a very similar product that comes in a white bottle that really adds hydration to your skin because of hyaluronic acid. This blue bottle one is like the white one, but supposedly has brightening properties. This product didn't blow my mind, but I like products like this because they really prep the skin for the next steps in your routine. And in general, Hado Labo is well known for having products that make your skin feel plump and hydrated.