1. Kiehl's Skin Rescuer $40
I liked this moisturizer for its lightness and claims to 'rescue the skin from stress'. I didn't use this everyday, but at times when my skin looked particularly blotchy or on nights when I wanted a quickly absorbing lotion before going to bed. I don't think you will notice results right away, but I think that overtime it really helps nourish and de-stress the skin. I only used one or two pumps for my whole face and the smallish bottle lasted a surprisingly long time.
2. So Natural serum
This is the second bottle I've used up of this particular serum and I think that it is my last. The place in which I purchased both does not carry it anymore, and it is otherwise difficult to find outside of Korea. I've used it as a daytime serum and it just gave my skin a nice boost before moisturizer and SPF. 
3. Somme Institute double defense SPF 30 $48
Somme Institute has a great line of products if you're looking to really simplify and yet up your skincare game. The products are a bit pricey, but not outrageously so. I usually look out for deals and discounts when I want to restock. Sometimes sites like beauty.com, dermstore.com, or the brand's official website will have 20% off discounts or specials like 'get a product free with a minimum purchase'. I think the latter is how I got this product. 
In any case, this is the brand's day moisturizer and it's great for everyday use. It doesn't smell like SPF at all and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. For people interested in trying out Somme Institute, this isn't the product I would recommend most because there are others that I think are better. To be honest there are other good SPF moisturizers out there that are much less expensive, so I can't say that I'd just purchase this again on its own.