Drugstore finds

I had a dentist appointment the other day, and stopped into the next door Walgreen's. I browsed around the aisles for a while and ended up picking up a couple of new things to try. Keep reading if you're interested. 

1. L'Oreal Paris brow stylist plumper brow gel mascara in light to medium $8.99
I have pretty decent (full) brows without having to do anything to them, which is great, but I do like a nicely groomed and defined brow. I've never tried a brow gel or "brow mascara" before, so I just picked this one up because I felt like it could be a lot quicker to use than a brow pencil or powder. The color is a good match for my brows and I do like how all I have to do is sweep and brush it through. It fills in some of the 'sparser' areas and keeps my brows looking natural. I suppose I could also use this in addition to a brow pencil or powder, but that just seems like a lot of maintenance... so I think I'll stick to using this on days when I'm feeling a bit lazy but still want to give my brows some attention. 

2. Cover Girl the super sizer mascara (waterproof) $6.99-7.49
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I have never found a mascara that I'm 100% happy with. My lashes are stick straight and don't hold a curl very well. This new mascara by Cover Girl is alright in that it definitely adds volume very well and doesn't smudge. The wand is interesting because it's very skinny with different sized bristles, and you're supposed to twirl it as you apply it. It can make your lashes a bit spidery because of how much volume it adds, but I wouldn't go as far to say that it's clumpy. I will continue to use this because I like how much fullness it gives my lashes, but I just wish it would hold a curl... The search continues. 

3. Rimmel London moisture renew lipstick in As You Want Victoria $5.59-6.99
I'm not a big lipstick girl, since I prefer lip tints or tinted balms... BUT there are a few lipsticks that I have in my collection that I really like, and this has become one of them. I've never tried Rimmel lipsticks before, but I saw Lisa Eldridge wearing this in one of her more recent videos and it looked super pretty. It's a very opaque bright pinky fuchsia, which may not be for everyone, but there are many other colors in the range. This could be a fun alternative to a bold red lip.
I've tried some Maybelline color sensational lipsticks in the past, but never kept them around too long because they would become very drying. This lipstick on the other hand is very smooth and is not drying at all throughout its wear.