Doesn't That Look Nice

Organization is a big deal to me. I like having everything in the right place. When I know where things are, and can easily find things I need... I'm less stressed out and it becomes something that I don't have to worry about. (My bf is completely the opposite. He doesn't put his keys, wallet, chap stick, the same place, so he's looking for them constantly). 

What you see above is how I had my make up collection for the past year. I just had all of these boxes  or cups where I stored everything by product type, so it was like a bento box of makeup. It worked out pretty well, but then I asked for this rotating organizer ($30) for my birthday. 

As you can see, this holds all of my make up except for brushes. It's a much cleaner way to store everything and it makes all of my products much more visible. It's especially good for organizing loose eyeshadows. The fact that it rotates also makes it more fun. 

I will probably do a more detailed look at it in the future. If you have a decent sized make up collection and want a nicer way to store it- I think this would interest you. Some of those acrylic storage boxes can be very expensive, so I was happy to come across this.