I have a love hate relationship with sunglasses. Correction- big sunglasses. (Smaller frame sunglasses look really weird on me.) I love them because they protect your eyes- and parts of your face- from harmful rays, they can help you see when driving, and putting them on is the easiest way to hide dark circles.
I hate them because I usually forget to have any when I'm out and about, and because they leave little indent marks on my nose. But like in most cases, the love overrides the hate.

I'm not one of those people with a collection of different styles of sunglasses mainly because I don't want to be and because I don't want to spend tons of money on sunglasses- I'd rather buy shoes or skincare. However, I think I've struck a good balance with having a collection that is made up of three items:

1. I have one cheapo pair (I don't remember where I got them...but they were like $10 similar here) that I only keep in my car's sunglasses holder- that way I won't be searching for an emergency pair while driving. (Funny note: my boyfriend will even wear them if he's driving my car and forgets his sunglasses.)

2. I saved up to have my first and only expensive pair of sunglasses that I hope to have for a very long time. They're the Super Duper Strength sunglasses by Karen Walker. I love them so much, but because they're expensive I get nervous wearing them out...So...

Karen Walker sunglasses

3. I love that I found these BP Ipso Facto sunglasses at Nordstrom for $12! I was actually eyeing (hah) these huge Granny glasses from Wildfox...but with some self control decided that one expensive pair was enough for me. But I could not pass up the BP sunglasses because I loved the shape, the two tone frames, they're tight enough that they don't slide off my nose, and the price is pretty unbeatable.
I figure that having another cheap pair (that doesn't look cheap) is great for everyday when I have a smaller bag and can't fit a big sunglasses case in it, or when I don't want to worry about damaging or losing my expensive ones.
BP sunglasses

Wildfox sunglasses