Stila Cushion Blush

First BB creams, then CC creams, and sheet masks... Korean brands and beauty trends are becoming more and more common here Stateside. This watercolor blush by Stila Cosmetics is no exception. Similar to the cushion BB creams (check out Laniege or Iope to name two) out there, this is a potted blush that comes through a "netted delivery system" just as BB cream comes through the cushion sponge. 
Hence the name, aqua glow watercolor, this blush is extremely fluid and light even though it looks extremely pigmented. You can look at all the shades here on Stila's website. 

I picked up the color called water blossom, which is described as a pink violet. I thought that this color would look best because I have a neutral to cool undertone in my skin. This picture doesn't quite capture the fuchsia quality of the blush, and nor does the blush appear to be so neon pink in real life. The close up swatch below in natural light is truer to how it really appears. 

There's a little sticker that says "shake well before use" but I actually would NOT recommend doing that! I did that, and because the product has a liquid consistency a whole bunch came up through the netted cushion and spilled into the container. I would have much rather just pushed down on the cushion to get my desired amount. This would be a mess if I end up spilling it or dropping it- which is to say that this product is not travel friendly. 

Despite the potential for a mess, I really love this product. I don't know how comparable it is to Korean branded cushion blushes, but I love how sheer and light this is. I think cream blushes, and even some powder blushes, can be tricky to apply and leave you nervous about applying too much- but this product alleviates those problems. It gives you the thinnest and subtlest blush application with effortless blending, and yet can be built up with more product concentrated in one area. 
I took the picture below in natural light, and you can see how sheer and luminous the blush is. I love how it just melts into the skin making it hard to tell where blush begins and where skin begins.

This type of blush is definitely on point with Korean beauty trends not only with the technology, but in that Korean girls don't tend to go overboard with blush. 
It is perfect for daytime and will look especially great for going to school or work.