Beauty Talk Part 1

I've been a fan of the sites Into the Gloss, The Coveteur, and A Cup of Jo for several years now. I love that they do these posts that are essentially getting an up close look at other women's beauty products and skincare regimens. I also love that these sites feature more than just celebrities and well known bloggers and socialites- they feature interesting people who have jobs in and outside of the beauty/fashion world. (Some are students, some are lawyers, some run their own businesses...)

I personally think that it's more interesting to read about what us everyday women use. I don't have a stylist, I don't have a makeup artist, and I don't go out for monthly facials or even manicures. I want to know what looks good and works in real life- not just what it best for the camera. 
That is why I'm starting this new section on this blog called Beauty Talk. I'm inspired by the work that the sites mentioned above are doing, and I feel that it would be fun to do for my own blog too.

I want to start small, but my plan is to interview people that I know about their favorite products, about their beauty/skincare routines, and overall thoughts about what it takes for them to look and feel their best. 

So to start off...Here's mine!

L- I just woke up. It was 6:30 AM.
R- After makeup and ready to head out the door at 7:50 AM
As you can see my bathroom light isn't super great...and I need to clean my mirror.
1. Do you wear makeup? When do you wear it? If not, why don't you?

I wear makeup everyday because without it I look really tired since my skin is naturally a bit blotchy. Whenever I don't wear makeup my mom will ask me if I'm sick or will comment that I look really tired. I don't have bad skin by any means, but I love how a blob of foundation can just even out my skin tone and make it look even healthier. To me, make up is all about enhancing your features so you look your best. I want to look bright and awake as opposed to dull and tired. If I can't get 8-10 hours of sleep, then I'm doing people a favor by making it look like I did. Ultimately I feel more confident in the world with makeup. And let's be real- I want to look pretty. 

2. Do you have any favorite beauty products right now?

As a makeup lover I think it's easy to be lured by all the fun colors and promises of certain products. And now with an over saturation of beauty blogs and videos and websites- sometimes I come away with the feeling that I have to try everything. However, slowly and surely, I am hoping that I can adopt a less is more approach.  I've definitely started to become very selective about what products I keep around and decide to buy. (I've purged the purple, blue, and green eyeshadows.) It is hard to pick a favorite though! 

Some products that I use regularly are: 1. Shu Uemura eyelash curler 2. Mascara (usually I'll reach for the L'Oreal telescopic or the Too School for School dinoplatz) 3. Innisfree eyebrow pencil in #3 brown or Anastasia Beverly Hills brow whiz/ brow powder 3. Missha perfect cover BB cream 4. One of the four lip/cheek tints by Benefit.
5. I've also been using Benefit's hoola bronzer under my cheekbones and under my chin.

3. What look are you usually going for everyday?

I want it to look like I'm wearing makeup but that I'm wearing it well. Something that makeup artist Lisa Eldridge said echoed what I think- it was something about showing that you put some effort in but not a whole lot of effort. These days I don't like looking too overdone. I mainly spend my time evening out my skin, covering any spots, and extending my eye shape out. Sometimes I'll use just dark brown eye shadow and other times I'll use a gel eyeliner. There isn't really a day where I don't do at least those two things. 
I'm also really into making my skin look more luminous and dewy so I'll just put a little powder down the center of my face, and if I have time I'll highlight my cheekbones with Weleda's skin food or Benefit's high beam.

All the makeup that I own.

4. Do you tend to splurge or save on your makeup?

I do both. There are some things that I love that are quite expensive and there are others that aren't. It's the same with skincare, but I'm willing to spend more on skincare because taking care of your skin is at the core of whether or not your makeup will look good. As long as the product suits me and makes me enjoy using it, then I don't think it matters if it costs $3 or $50. I just tend to stay away from drugstore foundations and American BB creams and CC creams. For me they just aren't good enough to provide me with all the things I want such as: no caking, feels light, blends well, doesn't cause blemishes or irritation, is a good color match, and maintains my skin's moisture. 

5. Any makeup tips or tricks that you use?

1. Your base should be applied in thin layers and then you can spot conceal with a high coverage concealer. It's the worst when you can tell that someone has packed too much foundation onto their face. 

2. I don't always have eyelid primer, so I'll use translucent powder to set gel eyeliner or shadow so it won't smudge. 

3. Don't over pluck your eyebrows! Fuller eyebrows with a more subtle arch will give you a more youthful look.

4. The best makeup tip is to take your makeup off completely every night.