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What: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
What it does: A balm that instantly moisturizes, brightens, and tightens facial contours so skin looks rested and relaxed.
What you do: Warm up the product between your fingers and then gently press it into your skin

It's hard for me to categorize this product because it's sort of like a moisturizer, but it also can prep your skin for make up, and you can use it as a 10-minute mask. I've been using it in the morning after I've done my regular morning skincare routine. I wouldn't say that it noticeably tightens or brightens, but it does help wake up my face. Buh-bye dullness and sleepy skin. 
I started a new job as a teacher recently (hence the absence of blog posts), and using this makes my skin look more alive at 6:15 AM.
I'm too lazy to read up on the magical ingredients of this product and how it works the way that it does... but by Thursday morning I'm glad to have this. 
It is a bit pricey but you only need a pea size amount, so you can get a good number of uses out of one tube. I'd say that if you want to give your skin a morning pick me up and want to splurge, then you should make room in your beauty cabinet.