Go To Make Up

With all of the brands and products out there I understand how beauty can seen overwhelming. Whether you're new to makeup or already have a collection it's easy to feel lost as you're trying to figure out what products are best for you. It's great when beauty sites publish articles on 'cult products' or 'products that every beauty blogger/ guru swears by'... but even so, it's hard to know where to begin and not feel like you have to covet everything. 
That's why I writing this entry about some of the products that I continuously grab on a daily basis. I'm all about going crazy at Sephora to buy stuff I've never tried, but for the sake of ease I think everyone should have a stash of go to products. 

1. Bobbi Brown sheer color cheek tint in sheer cherry (limited edition) 
I love powder blushes too but all you do with this is lightly dab and blend. This definitely brings color into your face and because it's a creamy tint- it adds dewiness.

I bought this quad in Korea, but you can get it online too. It's 100% customizable. I use a sparkly brown one and dark matte brown the most. These shadows come in an amazing range of colors and finishes, and they last an amazingly long time. I haven't even hit pan yet. 

3. Anastasia brow pencil in caramel
This is a popular product for a reason. It makes my brows look nice and full, but still natural (I can't stand brows that look too drawn on). I really like her brow powder as well, but the pencil is quicker to use when I'm in a hurry. 

I'm honestly still waiting for the perfect mascara to come into my life. Like many Asian girls I have stick straight lashes that aren't all that long or voluminous. While I love it when I get samples of Lancome or Dior mascara, I just don't feel like spending a lot of money on a mascara because of how quickly they get used up. In the meantime, I've been happy with this drugstore mascara by L'Oreal. The brush is skinny so I can get every single lash without making my lashes look clumpy. The waterproof version also holds a curl pretty well. 

I love this stuff. It feels light on the skin, evens out your skin tone, has light to medium coverage, blends well, and has SPF... And it's pretty affordable for the amount and quality of the product. 

6. Innisfree smart make up blender
I actually don't use this too often. I just happened to use it they day I took the picture. I do like it though because you can either mix it in with your BB cream or foundation, apply it like a primer, or apply it like a highlighter. It just adds some luminosity and a pearly sheen to the skin.

On a good day I could get away without using concealer under my eyes, but most days I feel better when my lack of sleep isn't showing. This is a popular drugstore item for a reason.

I prefer the ease and staying power of a tint over lipstick or lip gloss.