Review: Banila Co Clean It Zero from Soko Glam

There are a lot of posts out there about 2015 beauty resolutions and many of them include this promise: I will remove my makeup every single night. If that isn't a good beauty resolution then I don't know what is, because removing your makeup and washing your face before you go to sleep is a must. Skipping that step will mess your skin up with pore clogging dirt and bacteria... Ew, no thanks.

In any case if you're in search for an easy, and dare I say luxurious feeling, way to remove all of your makeup then let me introduce you to the Clean It Zero cleansing balm from the Korean brand Banila Co. (Sold here and shipped to you fast by Soko Glam).

I mentioned a while ago how I double cleanse using a cleansing oil and then a face wash. I still do that, but ever since I ordered the Clean It Zero I've been reaching for the balm over the cleansing oil. This balm is so silky and buttery! It's much less messy than using an oil because nothing drips anywhere. All you do is take a small blob of it from the included spatula and gently rub it over your face. You can literally feel it melting away your makeup, and I find that it does a much better job at removing my mascara from Too Cool for School which has fibers. Another plus is that unlike some cleansing oils, it doesn't do that weird thing where your eyes become kind of cloudy once it turns milky. (Does anyone else know what I mean?)

It really leaves your skin soft and supple, and most importantly makeup free. It has a sweet flowery scent that is not over powering, non lingering, and is a nice touch- even to a person like me who is not often a fan of scented skincare.

Move over cleansing oil there's a new makeup remover in town--I mean, in my cabinet.

No make up here!