Revew: Missha M B.B. Boomer

My all time favorite BB cream is from the Korean brand Missha. So, I was excited to try out this product called B.B Boomer Boosting Cream. It's a base product that is said to extend the wear of your BB cream and will make your skin appear brighter due to its ingredients of pearl, antioxidants, and moisturizers.
When applied to the skin there was a faint shimmer, but it did not leave my skin glowy. To me there was only a slight moisturizing and luminous effect when applied before BB cream or any other foundation like product.
As a base it absorbed well into the skin and did not cause any reactions- I also did not notice that it made my skin any more or less oily with wear. However, I wouldn't recommend this for people with drier skin because the shimmer did accentuate those areas on days when my skin wasn't as moisturized.
With all that said, I think I that I could have gone without this product because I did not find that it made the BB cream go on any smoother or that it enhanced the BB cream's staying power. For me it just acted as a subtle shimmery barrier between my skin and whatever BB cream or foundation I decided to wear that day- not good and not bad. I'm sure that there are better alternatives out there besides this one. I'm sorry Missha, but your BB cream is going it alone for now!