Sweet Blush: Benefit's Cheeky Sweet Spot Blush Set

When I first saw this item in the Sephora holiday gift guide I thought it'd be pretty tiny in real life- but as you can see it's actually quite substantial. A Christmas gift for myself is coming a little bit early this year.
If you're a Sephora VIB or VIB Rouge member, Sephora's 20% off promotion will end on Monday, November 10th on in-store and on-line purchases. Today, I was able to get my hands on this amazing beauty steal. For the first time ever six (plus a Watt's Up! Highlighter and a mini brush) of Benefit Cosmetic's blushes are in a single palette. Benefit's regular box blushes/bronzers come with 0.28 oz of product and are $28 each. This palette offers roughly 0.17 oz of each blush (0.05 of the highlighter) for a total of $36! $36 is a great price to begin with but if you can run into a nearby Sephora to pick it up (sadly, I don't see this palette on the website yet) with your VIB discount, you'd be paying approximately $29 plus tax. Thank you Sephora.

The packaging is also quite sweet (haha, get it?!) and should surely get you into the Christmas mood. The palette itself is meant to be like a holiday tin (shaped like a sweets shop) filled with candies or cookies. Even though it's quite large and probably not ideal for travel, it's adorable. Dare I say better than candy and cookies? Better than candy canes? Yes. Better than homemade chocolate chip cookies? Debatable.

I've never actually owned any of Benefit's boxed blushes before, but they're very popular among other beauty bloggers/vloggers- especially the Hoola Bronzer and the Coralista Blush. I'm really excited that I can add these to my range of blushes and what makes it even better is that I didn't need to spend a fortune on them. 
*Special note: I've read that the Coralista and Sugarbomb blush in this palette are not identical to what you would get if you bought the full size version. You can click here for a much more in depth view if you wish. From what I can see from other reviews the full size Sugarbomb is a bit more pigmented, but they are still very similar. This palette's Coralista blush is much more sheer than the full size and is not as in-your-face peachy. Personally, I don't mind because of what a great deal this palette is, and since I don't own any of the full size versions I don't have anything in my collection to compare with. And one more thing, while I look for good color payoff in products I don't mind when blushes aren't crazy pigmented and look like they could be used for stage make up. 

I'm still an amateur when it comes to taking quality photos of swatches but here you go if you're interested. The texture of these is very smooth and none of them streaked or were patchy when I did these finger swatches. I like how this palette includes a bronzer, (and highlighter- not pictured) as well as blushes that are pink and ones that are more peachy with varying amounts of shimmer. Nice work Benefit, nice work.