Good Hair Day

I think that this is what would be considered day two hair, because I didn't wash it yesterday and I'm really resisting the urge to wash it tonight. I've always been one of those people that never saw anything wrong with washing my hair everyday, but it seems that everyone from WebMD to to Refinery29 (two of my go to beauty websites) is saying that there's no reason for that. 

If anything, there's more reason to try and wash your hair every other day or better yet every two to three days. Daily washing removes texture to your hair making it harder to style, so you may need extra styling products which can lead to more build up.  And I already mentioned in the previous post how regular shampoos can strip your hair leaving it dehydrated. 

Even though I'm a little tempted to wash my hair again, my results from using the Wen Six Thirteen is a pretty good reason not to. My hair still feels soft but has body and texture. I'm curious to see how it'll look tomorrow. When I'd go for a day in between washing with my regular shampoo and conditioner I never saw the same results. I'll definitely repurchase this Wen Six Thirteen when it runs out. 

All I did to my hair today was run a brush through it and use a bit of PSSSST! Dry Shampoo at the roots. (I've used other dry shampoos such as Not Your Mother'sOscar Blandi, and Herbal Essences but PSSSST! is the best and cheapest one. Not Your Mother's and Oscar Blandi aren't bad, but the Herbal Essences one was horrible. It didn't absorb much oil and it made my scalp really itchy.)