Don't Buy This

Dear The Body Shop, 
     I want to start off by saying that I actually really enjoy many of your products. I think that your shower gels, body scrubs, and lotions are all wonderful, and I'm so happy with the dry body brush that I purchased. Not to mention that I can choose from a wide range of fragrances to suit my preference and your prices and frequent sales are great. However, I do have issues with your Camomille Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. 
Firstly, this does not do a very good job at removing my eye makeup. I put a sufficient amount on a cotton round, press it to my eye, and then swipe away. I end up with darker eyeshadow and eyeliner smeared around my eye area, and mascara still clinging onto my lashes. (It is absolutely horrible at removing mascara that has fibers). Secondly, even though I appreciate that your label includes the word 'gentle', I have found that when this make-up remover gets into my eye it leaves an unpleasant burning sensation. Thirdly, I generally avoid rubbing or tugging on my eye area but with your product I tend to need to rub my eyes to try and remove the left over make-up. Lastly, when I compare your product to others such as Bioderma, a cleansing oil such as DHC or Shu Uemura, or Lancรดme's Bi-Facil I just find that yours cannot compete despite your reasonable price point. 

Thank you for trying but I think I'll just stick with what I love.