My responsibility and level of involvement is about to greatly increase in my current student teaching placement. I'm excited, but it doesn't leave me an ample amount of time to blog. With that and the upcoming holidays I hope to keep up though- I've found that I really enjoy having this blog even though I don't think I have many readers. (Hello and thank you if you do! I really appreciate it and I hope you've enjoyed what I've posted so far.) In any case... I hope I can do at least one more post this weekend, and then I think it'd be fun to do a holiday gift guide next.

Something new and exciting! I just received this 16 oz bottle of Wen Six Thirteen cleansing conditioner $40-45 today. It's pricey but I figured that it was still worth trying. I'd been really curious about Wen ever since I started watching Claire Marshall's Youtube channel (heyclaire here is her hair care FAQ video). She has used Wen for a long time and she says that Wen keeps her color treated hair healthy to the point where she can't get the same results with regular shampoo and conditioner. 

Another reason why I wanted to try Wen was because I've heard that it really cleanses (duh) and nourishes the scalp, and it doesn't contain sodium lauryl/ laureth sulfates. Regular shampoos have sulfates (in other words chemicals) that strip your hair to leave it clean. Clean hair is nice but using those chemicals on your scalp and hair can lead to dryness and damage. By now you're probably just wondering if I've even tried it yet... 

Yes, I used it earlier this evening and followed the directions on the bottle, but even though my hair is long I didn't use16-20 pumps of the product. I think I used 10-14. The process of thoroughly wetting your hair, massaging it in, and then rinsing it all out takes a little longer than using regular shampoo and conditioner, but I really like how soft my hair feels.