Wake Up

I should consider myself lucky because I don't feel that I've reached the age or level of tiredness where I'm overly concerned with dark circles under my eyes. It's probably a combination of genetics, eye cream, and getting enough sleep every night... but who wouldn't love an extra boost to look more awake or combat under eye shadows. If I want to add brightness and wake up my complexion instantly I've started using this Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser in Fair $8.99 (my friend recommended it and it's all over the internet) and the cult favorite YSL Touche Eclat in number one $41.

I really like both, but I want to make clear that the Maybelline Age Rewind is a concealer whereas the YSL Touche Eclat is a highlighter/ eye brightener. I think a lot of people think that the YSL is a concealer but it's not. The purpose of the YSL is to add light and counteract shadows not necessarily to fully conceal dark circles because it's really not that opaque like a true concealer.

All I do is lightly dot the concealer under my eye and gently blend it out with my ring finger or a damp makeup sponge. Then I gently blend three light strokes of the YSL over the same area. I also have the Cle de Peau concealer in either ocher or ivory but I don't like that for under the eye because I prefer a creamier consistency that's more on the "liquidy" side because it seems less drying to me. I love the Cle de Peau for blemishes and dark spots though.

Maybelline is on the left and YSL is on the right. As you can see the YSL is much more pink and more luminous. Another trick that I like to do with the YSL is use it to highlight my cupid's bow and (lightly) down my nose. In any case, I would definitely repurchase the Maybelline concealer because it works for me and it's pretty cheap (and easy to find) and I think the YSL is a nice splurge if you are looking for a highlighter pen.