Step Six: Eye Cream

The skin under your eyes is fragile and things like puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles can't wait to make their mark. In your twenties you may think that you don't need eye cream but really you do! It's all about prevention and keeping that area looking hydrated and youthful. Before we began dating, my bf never used an eye cream but I got him hooked. He has some 'crow's feet' lines around his eyes and it's important that he uses an eye cream because wrinkles can become deeper and look worse with dry skin.
* The main thing to remember with eye cream is that you should never rub or tug at the eye when applying it. You should use your ring finger (it has the most delicate touch) to lightly tap it in until it absorbs starting from the outside of the eye area inward.

1. Clarins eye contour gel $36
Allergies. Crying. Tiredness. Those are my top three reasons for puffy eyes. Whenever my eyes look or feel puffy I use this eye gel by Clarins. I like how light and refreshing it feels and that you only need a grain of rice sized amount. I also have used the Clinique All About Eyes roller ball for convenience and the bf likes the one by Ole Henriksen. If I have really puffy eyes I'll wear this crazy looking gel eye mask  after it's been in the fridge, or I'll use two spoons

2. Kiehl's creamy under eye treatment $28.50-$48
This was one of the very first products by Kiehl's that I tried and it continues to work for me, and the bf uses it everyday too. This is so moisturizing and has made such a difference for the appearance of my under eye area. It keeps the skin there smooth and I look more awake when I use it. I like to think it helps keep my wrinkles away too. Another selling point is that it doesn't 'migrate' around and won't irritate my eyes when I'm wearing contact lenses.