Step Three: Essence

After toner, I use this Snail Solution 70 Essence by Nature Republic. This particular essence is not watery (like the coveted SKII Facial Treatment Essence), but it has an almost gel like texture. It contains 70% snail mucus (aka a slime that is secreted by snails) and I have really noticed its ability to repair my skin and lock in moisture. Thanks to this essence my skin can fight off scarring from old and new blemishes and makes my skin soft and luminous.
Essence has been an important addition to my skincare regimen that people outside of Asia may not do. Essences are lighter serums, some can have a watery texture while others are more like a traditional serum. Essences have concentrated ingredients and give your skin that extra boost to target skin needs such as hydration or brightening. To apply essence you take a small amount onto your hands and then press the product into your skin until it's fully absorbed. I prefer to do this step (and step four) at night because that way I'm giving my skin ample time to soak it all the benefits without then having to put SPF or makeup on.