Step One: Cleanse

For my current skincare routine I've been using this Kose Softmyo Cleansing Oil and Etude House Wonder Pore Whipping Foam. I'm a fan of double cleansing because the first cleanse gets rid of makeup and surface dirt so that the second cleanse can actually clean and purify my skin.
Part One: Oil cleansers are great because they really break down makeup and dirt while being very gentle. I just pump 1-2 times and massage the oil onto my dry skin. Then I use lukewarm water to further massage the product until it turns milk before rinsing it off. I think people not familiar with oil cleansers might feel like they shouldn't be putting oil onto their face, especially if they have oily skin or are prone to breakouts...But oil cleansers don't make your skin oily. The oil actually can help your skin retain moisture and balance while attracting excess oil. My skin can become oilier in the hot summer months and I'm prone to breakouts, but I've never had issue with the cleansing oils I've used. If anything they make my skin makeup/dirt free, soft, and smooth. Other cleansing oils I recommend are by Shu UemuraDHC, and Shiseido. I bought this Kose Softmyo cleanser at a local Japanese market... It gets the job done but it smells like oranges to me, so I much prefer the brands I previously mentioned which do not have a scent.

Part Two: This foam cleanser by Etude House isn't bad. It cannot say 100% that it delivers on its 7 claims to shrink pores, refine the skin, etc. but I still like it. It does not make my skin feel tight after I rinse my face nor do I notice my skin becoming oily afterwards if it happens to be very hot and humid. I like that this cleanser is a true foam and is very gentle. It's very puffy and soft so it feels very nice on the skin. What I think makes this product effective for me is that I use it with my Clarisonic Mia 2-3 times a week. I do not think the foam cleanser could deep clean as well without the help of my Clarisonic.