Per recommendation of Into The Gloss, I too purchased a small refrigerator to store skincare products. I was pretty reasonably priced from Amazon.
I store my vitamin C products, face mists, sheet masks, and gel serums/creams inside. 

Goodbye puffy face! 

Haiku Time

I wish that I could teach poetry more. It can be challenging for my ELL students, but it exposes them to so many opportunities to use language creatively. With my 4th graders I chose to start off the unit with haiku poetry because it's so structured (great time to review syllables), and because it forced my students to be very intentional about their word choice. 

I emphasized that haiku poetry is mostly about things in nature, and it's limited structure creates a very specific moment in time that the reader should be able to visualize. 

Considering my students' limited experience with reading and writing poetry, I'm pretty impressed with their finished work. Here are some examples: 

(Please credit me and this blog if you'd like to post these elsewhere. The flower haiku graphics were made with Canva. Thank you)

We Want Spring!

It could break 60 degrees by the end of the week. 
That's exciting news. 
Spring is such a short lived season where I live, so I definitely savor it. 
There are many wonderful things about spring, such as wearing lighter clothes and more creative footwear. 
I love a good boot, but I'm ready for something else.

Like these:

Happy Tuesday

There was a blizzard over the weekend that prompted an April snow day on Monday. I left the house a total of 2 times over 3 days. Sorry, not sorry.

Weekend Skincare

Truth be told I've gotten a bit lazy with my skincare. I find myself skipping toner, essence, and serum most nights. Cleansing and moisturizing are the bare minimum, but I've been noticing that excluding the extra steps and TLC are leaving my skin a little drier and more uneven in tone and texture.
So, I took the weekend to go back to my full skincare night routine. My skin already feels better. I think the more you can make skincare a ritual and a time to focus on yourself, and less like a chore, you'll see better results. 


It's my spring break soon.
Don't let some teachers fool you.
We are ready for spring break.

Here are 3 random things I've been liking or thinking about, because I can't seem to bring myself to finish my research paper draft that's due next week.

 1. These TED talks by graphic designer Chip Kidd.
 2. I've made up my mind. One day I will have this bag. One day... probably, a long time from now. 
 3. March for Our Lives last weekend and this post

Crafty & Cheap

Did you know that many teachers regularly spend over $250, on average $500, of their own money on their students and classrooms each year? 

I've been lucky that I can reuse certain things I buy for my students (because they have been taught how to take care of them) and veteran teachers gave me extra books and supplies (like bins and white boards) when I first got started- but I've bought my fair share of classroom materials and still need to buy more for my ideal classroom. (Why are plastic book bins for a classroom library $50?!)

Anyway, even though I'm willing to spend on my classroom, there are some things that are better to DIY. Some of my students are struggling with word boundaries when writing, focusing in on the parts of words, and left to right tracking. So, instead of buying creepy plastic fingers for $6, I decided to make my own pointers for students to use with materials I already had.