Details Have a Place

If you read a previous post about 10 things I learned about wedding planning, number six said: At the end of the day, (those) little details don't make or break the big day. 

This is still true. I don't think people gave much attention to my name cards, if I had a custom made ribbon tied around my bouquet, or whether or not the votive candles were silver or clear glass... They'll remember the view from the venue overlooking the ocean, the heartfelt speeches, the rain clearing in time for the ceremony, and the after party by the pool. The details aren't the big picture.

However, from the bride's perspective, I do think details have a place. They can make your wedding feel personal, cohesive, and give you something small to smile about.

I was very specific and deliberate about the colors I wanted represented at my wedding. After looking at pictures of the Bahamas, I knew I wanted something to reflect the color of the water without being beachy, tropical, or nautical. I wanted something classic, soft, and dreamy.

It just so happened that a design by Angela Marzuki from perfectly captured that. From there I was able to pick dresses and colors that complimented that aesthetic from Jenny Yoo, and it was by luck that my friend picked out a dress that I fell in love with- it was even slightly blush colored like part of the invitation design.

The rest was easy. White flowers, white table linens, light grey suits, and ties that had a subtle floral design that was similar to the overlay on my dress- that was a great find from The Tie Bar.

Now that the wedding is done, I still feel so giddy about how the day was more than my expectations- even with the things that didn't go as expected. It really was the best day. I think it's something my family and friends will remember for a long time, and I couldn't think of a better way to start off my marriage.

*This post isn't sponsored. It's what I chose for my own wedding by doing a lot of initial Google searching and Internet browsing :)

What's in Your (Wedding) Makeup Bag?

Excessive or overly prepared? If I were taking a regular vacation, it would be excessive... BUT when you're packing to do your own wedding makeup, I think there's no harm in bringing more. Here's a list of every makeup product/tool that I'm bringing for my wedding.

1. Urban Decay optical illusion primer
2. Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation (no. 2)
3. Laura Mercier camouflage concealer ( I didn't end up using this the day of)
4. NARS creamy concealer
5. NARS soft matte concealer
6. Laneige BB cushion hydra radiance (not for the wedding day)
7. Laura Mercier translucent setting powder

8. Hourglass ambient strobe lighting powder (incandescent)
9. Sephora colorful contour (no. 26)
10. Glossier cloud paint (puff)

11. Dior eyeshadow palettes (796 and 646)
12. Hourglass liner (dark brown)
13. L'Oreal lash paradise mascara (waterproof)
14. DUO lash glue
15. Japanese fake lashes
16. 4 Colour pop shadows ( I didn't end up using these the day of)
17. Laura Mercier lid primer
18. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder
19. Lancome sourcils styler brow gel

20. Giorgio Armani ecstasy lacquer (502) ( I didn't end up using this the day of)
21. Chanel rouge double intensite ultra wear lip color (light rose)
22. Diorific rouge khol (pure topaz) ( I didn't end up using this the day of)

Tools/ Other:
23. Shu Uemura eyelash curler
24. Sigma brushes
25. Beauty blender
26. Urban Decay all nighter setting spray

Final Countdown & 10 Things I've Learned About Wedding Planning So Far

We leave for the wedding in less than a week, and the big day is less than 10 days away. 

Here, I'm going to share the top 10 things I've learned through this process up to this point from my wedding planning experience.

10. If you want your groom and groomsmen to wear cuff links, my make sure they buy dress shirts that are cuff link ready.

9. When you're wedding dress shopping, don't bring too many people. You're ultimately shopping for yourself- other people aren't going to wear the dress. 

8. Consider treating yourself to a facial (or two). Remember, skin first, make up second. 

7. Consider and be considerate of the things that are meaningful to family. A wedding is a family affair too, and is a time when you can honor your parents and celebrate tradition. (But advocate for yourself too. For instance, family members may strongly want a very religious ceremony- but if that's not a reflection of you and your partner then having a very religious ceremony won't be meaningful.)

6. Curate your ideas from Pinterest or wedding blogs- but don't get too attached. 
I would've loved hand calligraphed invitations and table cards with custom watercolors...but that just wasn't in the budget for me and I didn't want to take the time to DIY it. At the end of the day, those little details don't make or break the big day. 

5. Going off from number 6, it's good idea to edit down your ideas to what makes the most sense for you, your partner, your setting, budget etc. After you bookmark, pin, or like a bunch of things go back to see what is realistic and possible for you to achieve- everything that falls outside of that box, delete it. 

4. You don't need to have something just because someone else did, or because it's what's commonly done. I'm having a very small wedding, and I don't feel it's necessary to do a bouquet toss or garter toss. I'm not losing sleep over it. 

3. Don't put off figuring out the music. It might take more time than you think, and you and your partner will have opinions about it. 

2. Set up a Google Drive folder, separate inbox, binder, place on your desktop- whatever for every wedding related email, invoice, or document. It will keep everything in one place.

1. If you aren't a natural planner/organizer, then consider finding someone who is to help plan and coordinate your wedding. Even hiring a planner, so you wouldn't put everything onto a friend or family member, would be worth it and take a lot from your plate. 

With all that said, you should put less effort into planning your wedding, and more effort getting yourself in the right mindset for marriage. The dress, the cake, the venue...all of it won't matter if you lose sight of why you're getting married in the first place. 

Random Bits of Everything

1. Glossier mega greens galaxy pack- Love this as a detoxifying mask that isn't too strong.
2. SKII facial essence- Love this, even though it's $$$
3. The Ordinary buffet serum- Love the low price, but I wasn't wowed with results.

Earlier this month I treated myself to a facial. It was so relaxing and I now I understand why they're so addicting. You leave with clean pores, fresh and glowing skin, and stubborn acne (like the planet on my chin)  cleared up within days. I've even noticed that I need less base makeup. 
I can't wait for my next appointment.

I finally have a small classroom leveled library, and am really pleased with how the interactive notebooks have been going. I feel like I'm starting to get into a natural rhythm of things, and the kids have really caught on too. I've been slow to incorporate the technology pieces, and it's been hard to keep my energy up... BUT my lesson plans for when I'm gone in the Bahamas are DONE! 
That has really lifted stress off of my plate. 


If I were to rate these products out of 5 stars, these products would be in the 2-3 range. They weren't terrible, but they aren't all time favorites... Here's why.
Glossier milk jelly cleanser: This gets 3 stars. I recommend it has a morning cleanser, but I have issues with it at night. Yes, it's super gentle and can get rid of makeup...BUT sometimes even after I wash my face twice with this, I'll still get leftover makeup traces when I go over my face again with a cleansing water or a cotton round with toner. I always have to triple cleanse my face when I use this- which isn't something I was expecting. Formula wise, though, I really like this- as with most things Glossier. 
Etude House Moistfull collagen water jelly cream: This gets 2 stars. The texture is kind of fun, but there are other 'water' creams out there that are much better- such as the Belif one, and I think Dr. Jart has one out too. I think the regular collagen cream even beats this one. I just found this to be sticky and it didn't provide long lasting moisture. Maybe it's better for people with oily skin?
Kiehl's ultra facial overnight hydrating masque: This gets 2 stars, but maybe I'll reconsider when it gets colder. This feels like putting gloop over your face. You definitely feel it as a layer. Over this one, I'd recommend the  Kiehl's calendula mask because it soothes and hydrates, whereas is this one is  heavy and feels tacky on the skin- even though it does lock in moisture. 


I've decided to start including posts about my job. There's no shortage of teacher Pinterest boards, Instagram classroom posts or teacher blogs, but teaching is such a diverse profession with many different styles and voices- from classroom to classroom, school to school, district to district, and beyond. 
Every year I feel like this profession adds more and more to my plate, and yet every year I feel a little more prepared, and ready to challenge myself more. 

This year in particular, I have a 60 student case load, but less time to work with everyone. My students' literacy rates are very low, and the majority of students are scoring as beginner English learners and need to develop academic skills. I feel like if there was a year to take on more, and to try more, this is a good one. 

This year, I want to do more with English language development being directly tied to literacy development. Getting my students to be able to read with more confidence and fluency, will help them progress more in English and access grade level content. In general, I want my students to enjoy books and enjoy reading.

This year, I'm also going to experiment with interactive notebooks, using QR codes, and student driven video and voice recordings. I also want to keep up with my learning centers, progress monitoring, and overall organization and relationship building. 

Something I've experienced is that, teaching is not one of those jobs where you can stay stagnant and focus to be good at one thing. If we do that, we aren't making a difference. 

As with every year I've done this, basically, I just don't want to be a crappy teacher. 

*Tip: I cover the students' work space with paper so if they write all over it, it won't ruin the table. I don't like that it's a waste of paper when I have to replace it over and over, but for now it works. When I have a moment, I want to look into those covers that make the table a dry erase surface. 

New Products

Sometimes no matter how many products you've tried, sometimes you just want to try more. Maybe this is will be the perfect concealer or highlighter or whatever.
Lately, I've been into the soft matte concealer by Nars in vanilla  and the Dior luminizer powder in 001.
The concealer covers dark spots and blemishes well. It blends well, so it's good for days when all you want to do is use concealer. The luminizer powder gives off a soft and natural glow, but can be built up. For the price it's nice that it comes with a little buffing brush. To me, it's not as shimmery as the Becca shimmering skin pressed highlighters, but sometimes you don't want such a strong beam.