New Products

Sometimes no matter how many products you've tried, sometimes you just want to try more. Maybe this is will be the perfect concealer or highlighter or whatever.
Lately, I've been into the soft matte concealer by Nars in vanilla  and the Dior luminizer powder in 001.
The concealer covers dark spots and blemishes well. It blends well, so it's good for days when all you want to do is use concealer. The luminizer powder gives off a soft and natural glow, but can be built up. For the price it's nice that it comes with a little buffing brush. To me, it's not as shimmery as the Becca shimmering skin pressed highlighters, but sometimes you don't want such a strong beam.

Ulta Haul

1. Dermalogica clear start overnight treatment
I've mentioned this before in the past, and I'm glad that I can find it at Ulta. I was dealing with some stubborn spots around my chin, and even though they have cleared up I know that this will help in the future.  
2. Skinfood egg white pore foam
I like to rotate cleansers, and I decided to try this one out since my perfect whipped foam one is gone. I have other products from Skinfood, but I've never tried a cleanser from them. I've heard good things about Korean products with egg whites and it should help combat oil and purify pores as the weather heats up. 

3. Urban Decay vice lipstick in Tryst
I haven't swatched or tried on this color yet, but it looked like a nice bright coral color for summer that wasn't too orange. 

4. Big Sexy Hair powder play
This looked similar to the Bumble and Bumble pret-a-powder, so I thought I would give it a try. 
(It's actually cheaper on Target online) It definitely adds lift and texture at the roots, but a little goes a long way. So far, I actually like this formula better than the Bumble and Bumble because the hold is better. I will make sure to buy this again. 

*This post is not sponsored by Ulta or any of the brands mentioned. 

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

In this post I'm sharing about gifts for bridesmaids!

I am pretty sure the bridesmaids in my wedding know that I have this blog. But who knows if they read it... Anyway! If you happen to be one of the bridesmaids in my wedding please don't look any further! 


I knew that I wanted the gifts for my bridesmaids to be a little extra special. Not only are my bridesmaids buying their dress and traveling for my bridal shower and bachelorette party, but they are traveling and taking time off of work to come to the wedding. No gift could really show how thankful I am to them, but I did put thought behind what gifts I chose. I wanted a mix between fun, pretty, and practical. As a nice gesture, I also am covering the cost of manicures at the spa. 

As a side note, originally I was thinking about including earrings, but then I remembered that one of the bridesmaids doesn't have her ears pierced. Besides, I think it will be nice if each bridesmaid gets to accessorizes to her own taste since their dresses are different colors too. 

Even though jewelry is a very common and beautiful gift, I don't think you need to feel it has to be a part of yours. In lieu of jewelry, you could do a pretty headband or a sparkly belt/sash for them to wear. 

Just remember that it's more personal when you think of the women in your bridal party and pick gifts based on what you think they would like.

Stressed Skin Savers

Wedding season is here! I personally have 3 weddings going on within the span of four weeks, so that means some partying and going out has been in order. That also means the I have had to be proactive and reactive, since the late nights and drinking (and that time of the month rolling around) can do some damage.

Mediheal's tea tree mask is soothing and is drenched in stress fighting serum. The tea tree helps control sebum, but doesn't leave your face feeling irritated or dry. The mask itself is very soft and the serum is very cooling to calm the skin.

Glossier's super pure serum contains niacinamide and zinc. These two ingredients calm redness and clean out impurities.

Care Zone's spot patches are these little stickers to use overnight on blemishes. They make the healing process quicker and reduce the size of spots. For blemishes that have already 'erupted', the patches don't make them go away completely. However, for smaller ones under the skin that have yet to emerge, I have found that these patches make them disappear after 1-2 nights.


It has been a long time since I've done an empties post. Surprisingly, the last one that I did had 2 out of these 3 products- the Perfect Whip cleanser and Glossier's priming moisturizing. My thoughts haven't changed.
I'm always sad and happy when I use up an SK-II product. Sad because it's gone. Sad because it's just so expensive. Happy because I got nearly every drop. Happy because my skin just felt and looked great every time I incorporated it into my nighttime skincare routine.

Detail Decisions

Top L to R: Chic Monogram and Mist
Bottom L to R: Hepburn and Formal Ink

The clock is ticking. My wedding is 6 months away, and with most of the big decisions taken care of, I can focus in on the details. Some people would not care to mull over the font and color of their place cards, but that's where I'm at. Daresay I actually enjoy it. 

I realize that the venue I'm getting married at could provide me plain  white place cards, but I'm all about personalizing. Here I have my four favorite picks. They all are in the spirit of my invitation suite and color theme... So ultimately I'm deciding on the color and whether I want extra flourishes.

I also realize that people do not go to weddings to admire the place cards, and this is so minor to what a wedding is all about. But making decisions, big or small, to reflect my taste (I'd say my fiancĂ©'s taste too, but let's be real. He doesn't care about place cards.) is important to me.

Sure, I'm not doing an elaborate display where guests choose their card off of the ankles of  perched doves, but that isn't something I would do no matter how cool or Instagram worthy.
And as the bride, the best advice is to do what is important to you and your future husband- and don't worry about the things that are way out of your budget and may look great on Pinterest, but aren't meaningful to you.

Do you have a favorite? What did you do for place cards at your wedding?

I used* for my save the dates and invitations, so it makes sense to get place cards from them too.
*I'm not being asked or sponsored to promote's products. I genuinely like their products and customer service, and am just giving my own thoughts.

Wedding Guest Attire

It is wedding season my friends! I have weddings on the brain, not just because of my own wedding later this year, but 3 of my friends are getting married- one in May, one in June, and one in July. It's so lovely to witness and celebrate the start of a marriage. It's also fun to get dressed up for a wedding.

You definitely don't want to upstage the bride, and I wouldn't advise wearing a formal gown to a barn wedding in an orchard... But there are so much options for wedding guests these days to find the right outfit for the couple's big day. 

*My choices are all from ASOS, but I'm not being sponsored or asked to promote their site. I just appreciate their wide selection of dresses for different occasions. 
From top left to right 

I would wear this to a wedding at a fancy hotel.
The girly qualities of this dress aren't for everyone, but I could see this at a country club wedding.
The soft and breezy qualities of this dress would work well at a beach or garden wedding.
I ordered this dress to wear at one of my friend's wedding. The color and the cutout details drew my eye. (I usually wear a size 0-2, but with ASOS sizing I'm US size 4 and a UK size 8... For all ASOS purchases I recommend looking at the size chart first)
The shape of this dress is interesting and unexpected. I would wear it to a wedding at an art gallery or modern sculpture garden. 
This dress would look great at a barn, orchard, lakeside, or backyard wedding... I think this one is the most versatile of the bunch.